Monday, August 11, 2008

Preparing for Strategist Interview?

For Strategist prepared by: Anand Mohan Sharma []

For those preparing for the Strategist Interview, here is an example of the kind of questions you may be asked.
PS : It's a real business case.
There was a time when no airline would give decent service to City A in US. There were 4 flights in a month from there and charged good money but less services. Plus the flights were notorious to be cancelled in the last min, as pilot decided to bypass City A. Now a guy introduces flights from there and gives quality and gets ladies all dressed in eye catching attire, cost is decent and less than those charged by other players. It went okay for few months until the big players decide to lower the prices to cheap levels in order to wash out the new player.
What is the way out if you are the manager of this new airline? Remember you do not have enough cash, since it isn’t Kingfisher with Vijay Mallya’s backing.

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saketnewaskar said...

I would like to use the fact that customers in city A do not think highly about the other major players. I would position myself as an aggressive underdog who values City A and its flyers more than the big players. I simply have to carry on doing the good work and use my expertise developed so far for city A to the best possible extent.
Something like this was tried out by Richard Branson in the UK for Virgin Atlantic.

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